Welcome to this little space of internet :3.


As you can see, I like red, purple and blue XD.

Hi!, I'm CinPunk, artist and a videogame/comics lover.

After wandering the caotic aura of tumblr, I saw a post about Neocities and I was pretty impressed of what someone could do with html and other program languages, and since, anykind of web editor I tried unsatisfied my necessity to personalized every single pixel I see on screen, I jumped here.

What's new? Date:13/11/23.

I'm not dead, I'm working on the website, it's taking a lot!....

What's new? Date:19/07/23.

Made huge changes in almost every page. Some made a-new, others didn't exist before.

The gallery and the marquees works! (FINALLY!). I made a page to introduce myself, the blog doesn't have entries (for now) but expect some weird braindumps.

Everything computer related/old tech makes me utterly euphoric ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ.

I will use this page to make a proper introduction.

I made a guestbook.

Made with "sadgrl layout builder", still learning how html and css works.

I don't own the tiles. I own the illustrations in the gallery.

New Box main to put stuff in it :3.

New Box main to put stuff in it :3.

New Box main to put stuff in it :3.

New Box main to put stuff in it :3.